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Club (Boys)

Club Volleyball Information (Boys)

Club Volleyball is an opportunity to play, travel and compete at a much higher level than the traditional school setting.  Players are coached by trained professionals, some of which do this full time, while being expose to:

  • The best players in the country
  • College Coaches
  • Professional Coaching
  • A network of likeminded individuals that become family.

Student-Athletes who participate in club are more likely to be recruited than the average school-only student-athletes.  Even if a student-athlete chooses not to pursue competitive volleyball in college, writing about their experience playing club/travel volleyball on their college essay leads to a higher chance of acceptance and scholarships.

Legacy Volleyball Club has created a club volleyball experience that works for everyone. We feature several types of club experiences.

REGIONAL: The Regional experience is fun and designed for athletes who are hungry to learn and improve with a focus on high school volleyball.  This is ideal for student – athletes who:

  • Currently play club or want to play club competitively
  • Currently play or expect to play on their school team

PREMIER: The Premier experience is fun and competitive with a focus on varsity volleyball and/or those interested in playing in college. This is ideal for student – athletes who:

  • Currently play or expect to play on their high school varsity team
  • Desire to compete against the top players in GEVA/ USAV
  • Believe that fun is defined by constant improvement and desire to be part of a team
  • Aspire to play collegiate volleyball

NATIONAL: The National experience fun and offers the most competitive experience for elite varsity athletes who are seriously pursuing a collegiate volleyball opportunity.   This is ideal for student – athletes who:

  • Want to become an impactful high school player and elite athlete with the desire to take your game to the next level
  • Desire to compete against the top players in the country
  • Believe that fun is defined by competitive greatness
  • Without a doubt wishes to compete in college, specifically Division 1 or 2

*May receive a bid into the Girls Junior National Championship Tournament held in June/July.

To participate in any of the experiences, each student - athlete is required to try out for a team. During tryouts, the student - athletes will be evaluated and placed on a team based on their skill level, potential, and attitude.

At the conclusion of the tryouts, a Legacy representative will contact the student - athlete’s family with an offer to participate on a team, along with any additional information that may be required.

For additional information you may contact us at below:

Legacy Volleyball Club

748 Clarence Ave

Bronx, New York 10465

Boys Club Volleyball Price by Team Level

Experience Regional Premier National National Tournament
Season Length 6 Months 6 Months 8 Months 2 Months
Season Starts October October October May
Season Ends March March June June
Practices / Week 2 2 2 2
Coaches 2 2 2 2
Players / Team 12 10-12 10-12 10-12
Local Tournaments 4 5 5 1
Away Tournaments N/A 2 5 1
Jerseys 2 2 2 2
Practice Shirt Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shorts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warm Ups Optional Yes Yes Yes
Bags Optional Yes Yes Yes
Transportation (Away Tourney) No No No No
Hotel No Yes Yes Yes
Hudl No Yes Yes Yes
SportsRecruits No Yes Yes Yes
Flights No No Yes Yes
Base Price $1,700 $3,300 $6,500 $2,500