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Spring League

Our 7-week Spring Volleyball League is designed to develop young athletes in a fun, competitive, and educational environment. Each Sunday, participants will engage in 1 hour of skill-building with expert legacy coaches followed gameplay, incorporating team strategy sessions and more. The league culminates with an exciting playoff series on the last day, determining our Spring champions.

Starts: May 19, 2024 Ends: June 30, 2024


9:00am-10:00am Clinic portion 

10:00am-12:00pm Games 

Cost: $250

Summer League

Extend the excitement with our 8-week Summer Volleyball League! Following the same successful format as our spring session, this league offers another opportunity for young athletes to enhance their volleyball skills. With professional coaching, extensive playtime, and a focus on teamwork and personal development, the summer league fosters both athletic and personal growth. The season concludes with a playoff series, where the summer champions are crowned.

Starts: July 7, 2024 Ends: August 25, 2024

Cost: $250


  • Professional Coaching: Learn from two of our experienced legacy coaches.

  • Team Play and Skill Development: Each session includes extensive skill training followed by organized games.

  • Competitive Play: Each league features a playoff to end the season, highlighting our top teams and athletes.

  • Inclusive Environment: Open to all skill levels, ages 12-18, College & Adults. | Divisions are divided by skill level



  • Junior Division: Designed for younger players aged 12-14, this division is perfect for those who are stepping into competitive volleyball, including middle school and club players. Our focus is on building foundational skills, teamwork, and understanding of the game in a supportive environment.

  • Senior Division: Tailored for older athletes aged 15-18, this division accommodates advanced and intermediate players, including high school and experienced club players. This division focuses on refining skills, tactical understanding, and high-level competition.

  • Adult Division: Tailored for older athletes aged In College and beyond, this division accommodates advanced players of the highest skill level. 


  • Structure: Various teams per division, available on a first-come, first-serve basis as space is limited.
  • Team Composition: Maximum of 8 players per team.


  • Weekly Matches: Teams will have scheduled matches every week.
  • Match Structure: Matches consist of three sets to 25 points,  with a cap of 27.


  • Recognition: Awards will be given to the 1st and 2nd place teams only.

Playing Rules:

  • Forfeit Rules: A minimum of 4 players from the team must be present to play. Teams may borrow players from other teams if fewer than 6 players from the original team are available.
  • Championship Format: The championship will be the best 2 out of 3 sets, with the third set to 15 points, cap at 17. First two sets Cap 27.
  • Seeding: Teams will be seeded for the championship based on sets won/lost, point percentage, and head-to-head results.

League FAQ

1) How are teams made?
   Teams are formed based on individual registrations. Participants provide information on their skill level, age, and any preferences for playing with friends or family members during pre-registration. Teams are then assembled to balance skill levels and honor grouping requests as much as possible.

2) When do they play?
   Games are scheduled every Sunday from 10:00 AM, starting May 19 and running through June 30. Each game day includes matches for all teams, scheduled on an hourly basis.

3) What format?
   Each match consists of three sets played to 25 points, with a cap at 27. Teams play once each week during the 6-week pool play phase, leading to playoffs in the final week.

4) Playoff:
   All teams participate in the playoffs in the final week, which is organized into a single-elimination format. Seedings are based on the results from the pool play.

5) Awards:
   Awards are given to the 1st and 2nd place teams following the conclusion of the playoffs.

6) Can friends play together?
   Yes, friends can request to be placed on the same team. If a team wants to join together, they can do so as well, as long as every individual on the team is registered. Non-Legacy Coaches are allowed to join their team as well. The league tries to honor such requests based on the information provided during registration.

7) Can teams join as a team?
   The league primarily accommodates individual registrations, but groups registering together can be placed on the same team if specified during the registration process.

8) Do they get T-shirts?
   Yes, all participants receive a league T-shirt, which often serves as the team jersey.

9) Who's running the clinic portion of the League?
   The clinic portion is run by an adult coach which we will designate in the coming days.

10) How does the clinic portion of the league work?
    The clinic involves structured drills and skill-building activities led by coaches. It focuses on improving fundamental volleyball skills, such as serving, passing, setting, and hitting, as well as tactical game knowledge. The clinic portion is 1 hour long, starting at 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

11) Are there Refunds?
    The refund policy typically depends on the league's guidelines. Generally, refunds may be available before the league starts or in special circumstances, but a no-refund policy is common once the league has begun.

12) Will this help my child later?
    Participation in the league can significantly benefit your child's physical skills, teamwork, and understanding of volleyball, which are advantageous for school sports and potential future club play. It also fosters social skills and a sense of commitment and sportsmanship.