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Summer League

Summer League

Summer League provides an opportunity to unite the volleyball community by providing organized league play to experienced and advanced players throughout the summer.  Summer League players ages will range from 14 yrs old to adults over the age of 18. Participants will compete against a variety of players ranging in skill from high school players to international players. Participants who take part in our Summer League are expected to gain valuable in-game experience that will surely help further develop their skills and understanding of the game.


Divisions (Levels of Competition)

  • Power Division for highly skilled players (National players, College & Adults)
  • Junior Division for advanced & intermediate players (High School, Club Players)

Various teams per Division (First come first serve basis, space is limited)

  • Maximum of 8 players per team
  • Minimum of 2 females per team

Teams will have scheduled weekly matches.

  • Matches will be three 21 points sets starting at 4. 
  • Cap 27.
  • Championship will be best 2 out of 3.  3rd set to 15 points. Cap 17.
  • Seeding for championship will be based on sets won/loss and point %.
  • Awards will be given to 1st and 2nd place only.


  • Forfeit Rules - Minimum of 4 players from the team must be present to play. 
  • Teams may borrow players from other teams if there are less then 6 players from the original team.

Summer League Registration Link

The Registration "Summer League" is not currently available.

Open Scrimmage

June 3, 2022
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

  • Do you need a team? Attend our Open Scrimmage. Meet players and form a team with new friends.
  • Partial teams can also recruit players at the Open Scrimmage.
  • If you have a full team, you  do not need to come to open scrimmage but are welcome to attend and check the competition.


Open Scrimmage:

$25 per player 


$100 per player

Game Schedule

June 10 | June 17 | June 24

July 1 | July 8 | July 15 |

Championship: July 29th

*All games played on Fridays


American Turner

748 Clarence Avenue

Bronx, NY 10465

Summer League Administrator

Legacy Administrator